Sustainable company

TenCate is in the Netherlands well rooted in society with a history dating back before 1704. As such TenCate is proven to be a stable and sustainable company, which plays an important role in local communities. Also outside the Netherlands TenCate have a long standing history as well and form an important part in local communities in which they want to be a reliable employer.

TenCate develops and produces technical textile materials, which contribute positively to the security and safety of people and their living environment. In this context TenCate companies formulated their policy to minimise their impact on the environment, minimise the use of resources such as water and energy. Part of this policy is to reduce waste, recycling of raw materials and to develop end products which can be recycled in any form.

Technological innovations

The technological innovations of TenCate cater to the needs nowadays for safe and sustainable solutions. “protecting people” is the promise of TenCate. Materials, modules and systems of TenCate make a difference and are the vehicles to live up to the social, ecological and economic needs and expectations. The production of innovative materials which are lightweight, increase safety, offer more comfort, comply with new rules and regulations, is providing TenCate a profile of “expert” in its market niches. The innovative competences and flexibility of TenCate will be used to provide solutions which deliver a positive contribution to demands of end markets in connection with environmental aspects, sustainability and safety.


The individual TenCate companies will try to be transparent as much as possible regarding their goals regarding sustainability and the impact on society.