About TenCate

As from 2016 the TenCate divisions have been organized on a global scale, with a higher degree of geographical interaction. This structure brings more focus to key markets and internationally operating customers.

The divisions autonomously determine their corporate strategy. The holding of Royal Ten Cate takes care of the overarching activities, including finance, treasury, tax and legal support.

The divisions are:

  • TenCate Advanced Armour

Advanced composites, ceramics and integrated systems for the active and passive protection of police, army, air force, navy and civilian service personnel, vehicles, aircraft, helicopters and vessels.

  • TenCate Geosynthetics

Synthetic fabrics, non-wovens, grids and systems for use in infrastructure, civil engineering, water management, the environmental sector, agriculture and horticulture

  • TenCate Grass

Synthetic turf components and integrated synthetic turf systems for top-flight sports, recreation and landscaping.

  • TenCate Protective Fabrics

Protective and safety fabrics and multi-risk solutions for firefighting and defence, industry and services.

  • TenCate Outdoor Fabrics

Protective fabrics for outdoor applications, such as the camping and awning market.

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