Organizational structure

About TenCate

The Supervisory Board and the Executive Board mainly endorse the principles of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. However, in view of the company’s delisting, this code is no longer applied in full and the company ceased to report on any deviations from the code. In the future composition of the Supervisory Board, two members will be independent in accordance with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code provisions, at least in the position of continuing members. Presently, Jan Hovers and Fred van Houten hold this position.

A separate audit committee and appointment and remuneration committee were no longer active during the year under review. The topics relevant in those contexts were discussed in the plenary meeting of the Supervisory Board. For the remuneration of the current and former members of the Executive Board, we refer to the Annual Report 2016.

In 2016, Advisory Boards were installed for each division, which aim to support the operating management with advice and assistance in the further development of the company. Advisory Boards are composed of representatives from the Executive Board of TenCate, its shareholders and outside industry experts. Advisory Boards meet approximately four times per year.