Winter 2012


TenCate Geotube®: proven technology

The technology that lies at the foundation of TenCate Geotube® containers is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. In 1962 TenCate Geosynthetics embarked on the production, marketing and installation of containers based on this technology. Half a century later TenCate Geotube® technology has evolved into a system solution for environmental and hydraulic applications and an important pillar of the business unit Water & Environment of TenCate Geosynthetics.
geosynthetics tubes
What began as a simple fabric container filled with sand to provide erosion protection has evolved into a technology that protects coastlines, rehabilitates beaches, reclaims land and cleans contaminated surface water. 
It is a proven method: strong, sustainable and cost-effective.
geosynthetics tencate geoport

Recent improvements include the patented filling system (TenCate Geoport™, picture), flat-ends technology and the optional addition of polymers. Through the integration of polymer technology, TenCate Geotube® containers are suitable for dewatering industrial waste, municipal sludge and contaminated sediment. Over the past 50 years , these containers have been used in projects in more than 50 countries to produce sand dune cores, dikes, groynes and dewatering systems. For example, TenCate Geotube® containers have been used for such purposes as coastal protection near New Orleans, the construction of Hong Kong Airport, the foundation of Incheon Grand Bridge in South Korea, the creation of three Palm Islands off the coast of Dubai and the cleaning of rivers in Sweden and the bay of and rivers in Rio de Janeiro.
geosynthetics productie commerce
Production at TenCate Geosynthetics in Commerce, Georgia (USA)
TenCate Geotube® technology is an important pillar of the business unit Water & Environment of TenCate Geosynthetics. The necessity for water management is growing: protecting water and making it cleaner are gaining in importance. Customers and end-users worldwide are increasingly demanding solutions that not only are sustainable and cost-effective but also leave merely a modest CO2 footprint. TenCate Geotube® containers meet these demands. What’s more, dike bodies and retaining walls can be constructed and reinforced with materials such as TenCate Miragrid® geogrids and TenCate Polyfelt® geotextiles. 
geosynthetics john henderson

Within TenCate Geosynthetics worldwide responsibility for the business unit Water & Environment lies with John Henderson (picture). ‘The future of TenCate Geosynthetics is about providing integrated solutions for geotechnical challenges. Within the Water & Environment business unit the future is now.  The celebration of our 50th anniversary illustrates our commitment to providing our clients with an ever evolving array of solutions utilizing TenCate Geotube® technology.  With continued expansion of our strategic partners globally, we are able to bring cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to many areas in need of better solutions for water management and treatment.’
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)