Winter 2011

TenCate Advanced Armour France all set for aerospace

The TenCate Advanced Armour EMEA facility in Primarette (France) has recently acquired a new production site. The building is fully equipped for the production of lightweight armour systems, including those for Eurocopter.

The new facility will enable the company not only to expand its production capacity, but also from now on to carry out development and production in Primarette for both industrial applications (vehicle and personal protection) and high-level aerospace applications. 

The opening ceremony was carried out by Jean Paul Montagnier (maire Monsteroux, Communauté de Communes Beaurepaire), Didier Rambaud (conseiller général), Erwan Binet (conseiller général), Philippe Mignot (maire Beaurepaire), Lionel Lemoine (sous-préfet Isère), Jacques Remiller (maire Vienne, député), Wilfred Sluyter (TenCate Advanced Armour), Christian Nucci (président Communauté de Communes Beaurepaire), Eric Ledouaron (préfet Isère), Steen Tanderup (TenCate Advanced Armour), Angéline Apprieux (maire Primarette), Gérard Bredy (Communauté de Communes Beaurepaire), Jean Saunier (maire Pisieu), Mickael Marion (Communauté de Communes Beaurepaire)


Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)