Winter 2010

Composites for reprocessing

Ten Cate Advanced Composites is realizing considerable savings in the costs of its waste streams. The high-grade composite waste that is offered pre-eminently lends itself for reprocessing – a win-win situation in terms of material and environment.

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More and more companies are realizing that the raw and auxiliary materials used in the industry will not be endlessly available. Through smart design and production and through selecting reprocessable basic materials and ‘green’ suppliers, it is possible to give many costly waste materials a new life. Ten Cate Advanced Composites has a multiyear contract with CFK Valley Recycling in Stade. The TenCate company in Nijverdal is managing to realize considerable savings in the costs of its waste streams. In addition the company is a frontrunner when it comes to providing high-grade composite waste that is particularly suitable for recycling.

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End-products based on the ‘milled’ carbon fibres are used, among other things, for reinforcing injection moulding components for industrial or possibly automotive applications. They can also be used to make carbon fleece – a sort of non-woven mat that serves as cost-effective, high-grade reinforcement in composites and laminates.

4 cover w_w390Preparing carbon fabric production

The aim of CFK Valley in Stade (North Germany) is to develop a leading international  knowledge network for the technology and production of carbon fibre-reinforced polymers. The focus lies on the application of (recycled) materials in aircraft building, ship building, railways, commercial vehicles and car engineering CFK Valley is closely connected with the Airbus production plant 50 km away. Airbus itself produces the tail of the Airbus A380 aircraft in Stade.


Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)