Winter 2010

Composites for ballistic protection

TenCate Advanced Armor USA received additional contracts in September for vehicle armouring. This order will enable the company to cement its strong position in the market for vehicle armouring in the United States.

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TenCate is a specialist in the production of lightweight, protective ceramic and composite armour systems for use in vehicles, aircraft, ships and personal protection. These materials replace traditional ones such as steel and aluminium and ensure weight saving and improved functional properties.

TenCate Advanced Armour elects to use the most advanced ceramic and composite technology available and it provides the lightest, most efficient armouring possible for these demanding applications.

4 ballistische bescherming DK_w390Production at TenCate Advanced Armour in Denmark

The American market for ballistic protection is by far the largest worldwide, while in Europe the UK is a dominant market. As a result of the acquisition of the British armour company AML UK in Swindon (UK), TenCate now has unlimited access to the British market for lightweight composite armour solutions, which are used in vehicles, aircraft and ships. Customers for these products are mainly large industrial conglomerates in the defence industry, manufacturers of trucks, aircraft, helicopters, etc. or related suppliers.

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TenCate Advanced Armour focuses on a system approach by working together with manufacturers of vehicle, ships and aircraft (and their customers) in order to achieve the best possible configuration for protection. In the design of armoured vehicles for example the balance between protection and mobility is a key factor: the weight of the armoured protection must be as low as possible, while providing the highest level of protection.

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All the solutions are tailor-made for customers and end-users, whether they are for permanent integration into the structure of new vehicles and ships or for carrying out improvements to existing vehicles and ships. TenCate Advanced Armour can provide support for its customers worldwide.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)