Summer 2011

TenCate Polyfelt Rock® PEC for slope construction

The A3 between Salerno and Reggio Calabria is an important motorway in the south of Italy. Work on the existing road has been in progress since 2006. This is an ambitious and time-consuming project, which has resulted in an extended, fast connection between the southern part of Italy and the Naples region. 

The motorway, which has been  modernized and in parts widened, will provide an impetus for economic growth in this part of Italy.

The length of the motorway is approximately 500 km and part of the project involves the construction of a number of bridges and tunnels. Due to the building of two extra lanes, a section of the road had to be widened in parts, which entailed the construction of retaining walls. Thanks to the use of TenCate Polyfelt Rock® PEC, it was possible to do this in a short timeframe, in a relatively small space and with the use of sand, which was abundantly available locally. The retaining walls that were erected measure between 8 and 12 metres in height and have a total surface area of 5,540 m².

TenCate Polyfelt Rock® PEC was developed in order to combine the functions of reinforcement, separation, filtering and drainage in a single product. This combination makes this material ideally suitable for the reinforcement of earthen structures that are built up with loose, poorly draining soil. In comparison with geogrids or woven geotextiles, TenCate Polyfelt® Rock PEC provides significantly higher shear resistance of the ground.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)