Summer 2010

TenCate Business Game over

Within the context of the TenCate talent programme, a Business Game recently came to an end. The participants were TenCate employees in North America, Europe and Asia up to 35 years old who have been educated to at least bachelor level.

The online TenCate Business Game is based on a practical situation that is comparable to that of TenCate. Within their group the employees form a management team. The stage is the world of high-tech industry and the products are of a technologically innovative nature. The market is transparent and has many suppliers. The company has plants all over the world, pursues different marketing strategies for different markets, and has its own production installations, logistic challenges and human resources policy.
The participants must make strategic, tactical and operational decisions concerning research & development, purchasing, production & logistics, marketing & sales, finance and human resources. 

Martin Gritter (manager employee benefits/MD) organized the Business Game on behalf of TenCate

Martin Gritter says that the actual organization has also learned from the business game – for example how the game can be more effectively implemented next time round within the TenCate talent programme. ‘This means that we’ll again be able to organize a business game like this in the near future.’

After the Business Game was over, the participants received a certificate. At TenCate Geosynthetics in the United States, these were (from right to left) Jonathan McElhannon (cost accountant), Chris Timpson (assistent marketmanager) en Ashley Harper (divisie HR-manager). Left: Lee Bryan (director TenCate Geosynthetics NA).

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