Summer 2010

Synthetic turf: durable and wear-resistant

Synthetic turf has proven itself to be a cost-efficient and durable solution for use in sports and in landscaping and infrastructure projects. One of its sports applications is the Cruyff Court. TenCate Grass supplies the TenCate Tapeslide™ XP™ fibre for these. The durability and wear resistance of pitches with this fibre are demonstrably high.

Cruyff Courts also fulfil an important social role.rol

Synthetic turf has a number of durability aspects. A synthetic turf pitch can be played on for longer and more frequently with less maintenance (mowing, fertilizing, etc.) and the synthetic turf fibres are recyclable. This produces savings on materials and energy. The industry is therefore including these aspects to an increasing extent in its marketing strategy and product development.

TenCate Tapeslide™ XP™ fibre was developed with an eye to the growing demand for smaller sport pitches that undergo intensive play, such as Cruyff Courts. The introduction of the Cruyff Court  has restored the sporting and social function to the neighbourhood. TenCate, as partner from the very beginning, supports the objectives of the Johan Cruyff Foundation to promote sporting and social integration through the Cruyff Courts. The Johan Cruyff Foundation has focused on a simple concept for the Cruyff Courts and synthetic turf from TenCate proved to eminently suitable for this as regards sustainability, characteristics and appearance. In the Netherlands alone there are now more than 100 Cruyff Courts. 

Smaller pitches such as a Cruyff Court can accommodate four times as many players per square metre. The courts are tufted with the highest possible fibre density. Dense constructions (more synthetic blades of turf per square metre) provide better and more durable performance characteristics. TenCate Tapeslide™ XP™ turf fibres do not split and are colourfast; TenCate provides a 12-year UV guarantee with them. The fibre also ensures a more resilient playing field, while the surface retains its evenness and natural ball roll.

Padel court in Madrid

A second example of smaller pitches that undergo intensive play is the padel court. Padel is a combination of tennis and squash. This ball sport is played on an indoor or outdoor court of ten by twenty metres. More than a year ago a padel pitch complex was built in in Madrid (Spain) based on a new system developed by TenCate Grass and its customer, Technograss. Here too they opted for TenCate Tapeslide™ XP™ turf fibres. More than 1,500 padel courts are expected to be installed in Spain in the future, five hundred of which will be the responsibility of Technograss.

In June 2010 the first three padel courts in the Netherlands were installed in Enschede. This installation forms part of the TenCate Sportboulevard Enschede. 

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)