Summer 2010

Product introductions TenCate Outdoor Fabrics

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics is international market leader in tent cloth and an important player when it comes to cloth for outdoor awnings. Within the context of product differentiation and end-user marketing, new specialties for niche markets have been introduced: fabrics for group tents, for a rescue set and isothermal protection for campers and caravans.

One of the initiatives and developments relates to group tents. TenCate Campshield™ is an innovative fabric with inherent flame-retardant properties. It is scorch-, glow- and spark-resistant and satisfies numerous European standards. This new product has aroused great interest, especially in the market for group tents – and this includes scouting groups, aid organizations and tour operators. After all, it offers extra safety and protection. Soon the first product presentations with this cloth will take place.


A second launch concerns TenCate RSQshield™. This RescueProtectionSet has been developed for use by firefighters, police and emergency response workers in cases of accidents or calamities. Complying with demands, not only is it weatherproof, water-repellent, anti-fungal and anti-pollutant, it is also easy to clean and highly visible. The presentation in this respect will take place at the beginning of June at Interschutz in Leipzig, the world’s biggest trade fair in the field of incident management, crisis control and disaster relief.

Climate management
The third launch relates to fabric for the benefit of the French company  Soplair  for covers that offer campers and caravans isothermal protection.

A Hymer with isothermal protection from Soplair

Campers in particular are becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Anyone who makes such an investment imposes high demands regarding comfort and conveniences such as climate management. And that applies particularly to the top segment. This is characterized by small customer-specific series. As a rule windows are not insulated. The so-called volet isothermique controls the inside temperature if the outside temperature is between +40 °C and -25°C. This means a saving on energy costs and increased comfort inside. Furthermore, it prevents condensation forming on the windows, the dashboard and the space underneath.

A Phoenix camper with alcove and windscreen protection by Soplair

It is a multilayer system that is tested on values such as reflection, absorption and transmission of sunbeams. TenCate Outdoor Fabrics is working to be able supply all layers of the system.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)