Spring 2012

The TenCate value proposition

TenCate operates a value chain management business model. This business model determines how the company, based on its position in the chain, creates value, secures value in products and services and adds value to customized system solutions. The end-user plays a central role in this.

In the synthetic turf market there is increasing integration within the value chain to speed up developments and enhance the quality of the synthetic turf system

In order to secure a strong and sustainable competitive position in the value chain, it is essential to offer end-users recognizable added value: the value proposition. This value proposition is made up of a number of ‘promises’ that the company has to fulfil in order to solve a problem raised by a customer or group of customers. The added value of a product or system is often based on the changing needs of end-users that result from laws and/or regulations.

In the automotive industry there is an increasing demand for weight saving and environmental awareness

The end-user translates the value proposition into concrete benefits, such as price-performance ratio, reliability of delivery and the ability to respond to individual needs.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)