Spring 2011

Connected through end-user marketing

The translation of customer needs into system solutions is one of the basic principles of end-user marketing. In addition, co-creation (the development of integrated systems together with the customer) is playing an ever greater role. TenCate develops and produces materials with a wide range of characteristics, with the binding factor being the technologies, processes, patents, formulae, etc. behind them. TenCate materials are more and more often forming a part of integrated systems that combine materials or technologies.

In the past few years the focus within the commercial process has gradually shifted from the direct customer, such as distributors, installers and designers, to translating the specific needs of end-users. These needs often have their origin in laws and regulations, standards and criteria. TenCate concentrates on applications in which the materials used must comply with strict standards. The transition to a more market-oriented organization has  resulted in the emphasis shifting increasingly towards the added value of revenues. Added value is also an important factor when it comes to having control within the value chain.

Internal collaboration
The result of this strategy is increasing internal collaboration in both technological and commercial fields. TenCate speaks of product-market-technology combinations. New, customer-oriented solutions can be achieved time and again through internal collaboration and by mobilizing and combining knowledge particularly in the field of technology.

Connection with the market means connection with the entire value chain, for both upstream and downstream activities. TenCate is operating increasingly in networks within the value chain. Through its external focus and willingness to collaborate, TenCate intends to remain ahead of the field in technology. This is a guarantee for providing solutions both now and in the long term.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)