Spring 2010

Protective fabrics on the job

TenCate Protective Fabrics wants to protect people who are exposed to safety hazards during their work. To this end the market group supplies a range of technically advanced fabrics and systems whose functionalities are tailored to the working conditions and end-user. This synchronization is based partly on the contacts with partners in the value chain, such as fibre suppliers and garment-manufacturers.

TenCate Protective Fabrics focuses on four market segments: industrial safety, emergency response (fire and emergency services), the military & police (defence & police) and services & industry (service provision & industry). The market for professional and work clothing is stringently regulated, with personal protection equipment for certain hazard areas being specified within the context of employment legislation.

Safety hazards
People in many jobs are exposed to dangers and safety hazards, ranging from heat, flames, molten metal spatter and liquid chemical splash to electric arcs, static electricity and poor visibility. Not only is a safe working environment then called for, but clothing too must provide protection. In this respect TenCate Protective Fabrics offers a wide range of technologically advanced fabrics that incorporate characteristics that are important on the job, such as wearer comfort, breathability and moisture management, premium durability and easy maintenance. It’s a question of room to move: freedom of movement at every level. This was the theme of the new collection that TenCate Protective Fabrics presented at the A+A trade fair held in Düsseldorft at the end of 2009. The spearhead of this collection is that users are optimally protected and can optimally move in safety wear. So wearer comfort is high on the list of priorities.

Multi-layer solution
Some risks are of such a nature that optimal protection is possible only by combining fabrics and materials in a multi-layer solution (system). In the systems offered by TenCate Protective Fabrics each protective layer has specific functionalities and the layers are tailored one to another. Here the basic principle is to keep weight to a minimum in order to offer optimum comfort. A good example is TenCate Tecasystem™ for firefighters’ turnout gear in Europe. TenCate supplies all the relevant components: outer shell, moisture barrier, protective thermal fabric, thermal liner, reinforcement for knee and elbow pads and cuffs. The TenCate Defender™ M collection consists of fabrics for optimal protection against such hazards as heat, fire and static electricity, and areas of application include the army, the air force and the police. Indeed TenCate Defender™ M is the American standard for combat uniforms for the American army and the United States Marine Corps.


Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)