Spring 2010

Protection for man and materiel

Within TenCate, TenCate Protective Fabrics and TenCate Advanced Armour focus on the safety and protection of people, vehicles, ships and aircraft that have to perform under widely divergent and demanding conditions. TenCate Protective Fabrics focuses on protective and safety fabrics for workwear in industry, the energy and service sectors, the fire service and the police. TenCate Advanced Armour develops, produces and supplies ceramic and composite materials for the protection of personnel, vehicles and vessels of the police, the army, the air force, the navy and civil services.  

The materials of both market groups provide optimal protection and safety, as well as considerable wearer comfort and the lightest possible weight, depending on the level of threat.

TenCate Protective Fabrics and TenCate Advanced Armour collaborate worldwide with fibre and chemical manufacturers, laboratories, knowledge and test institutes, government authorities, garment-manufacturers and groups of end-users. This constantly leads to greater knowledge, new insights, innovations and above all the system approach. As a result TenCate is setting the trend in material science: the combination of textile technology and chemical processes.

Through continuous product development and cooperation with various parties in the value chain, TenCate has also secured important positions in these markets. When it comes to protective fabrics for work and safety clothing, TenCate Protective Fabrics is world market leader, while TenCate Advanced Armour ranks among the world’s top five producers of antiballistic materials and is the biggest player in Europe in the field of vehicle armour. The positioning of TenCate is supported by an industrial branding policy that is based predominantly on the quality and functionality of high-grade protection.

Protective solutions
In the middle of November 2009 TenCate Protective Fabrics and TenCate Advanced Armour jointly presented new and improved protective solutions for the army and police at the Milipol exhibition. Milipol is the world’s largest trade fair in the area of domestic and foreign safety and protection. The protection solutions are the result of the cooperation between the two market groups in the area of materials, finishes and application possibilities.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)