Spring 2010

Armour: strong, light and durable

On land, at sea and in the air man and material must be protected. In this respect TenCate Advanced Armour offers armour solutions based on lightweight ceramic and composite materials. In order to realize the optimal configuration for protection, TenCate Advanced Armour collaborates with raw materials suppliers, manufacturers of bullet-proof vests, vehicle manufacturers, test and knowledge institutes, and others.

TenCate Advanced Armour offers protection solutions in the form of customized armour based on lightweight ceramic and composite materials (soft and hard armour). These solutions focus on personal protection, the armour-plating of vehicles and ships, and the protection of installations (containers, buildings and other constructions). TenCate Advanced Armour is divided into four segments: personal protection, military vehicles, vessels and aircraft, vehicle armour, and ballistic protective fabrics and prepregs. Vehicle armour (army/police) in particular is a large market, where the trends are protection against roadside bombs and the need for lighter, fuel-efficient vehicles.

Complex and dynamic

Personal and vehicle protection is a complex, dynamic and global market, which is characterized by numerous international standards and as a rule involves public tenders. Important factors in the right solution are often weight, performance or price – or a combination of these. With an eye to mobility, manoeuvrability and energy consumption, vehicle armour must be as light as possible while still providing the highest level of protection and mobility required. Consequently ceramic and composite materials have the advantage because they are considerably lighter than steel, for example, which was traditionally used. Furthermore product life cycle is going to play an increasing role. When it comes to application in vessels, it’s a question of protecting vital areas on board, such as the ammunition magazines, bridge stations, combat information centres and communication equipment. TenCate also wants to protect the crew: from the naval personnel on the launching pad to the seamen on the lower decks.

TenCate Advanced Armour collaborates with other parties in the value chain in order to be able to realize the optimal configuration for protection. These include raw materials suppliers, producers, vest and vehicle manufacturers, purchasers, (end-)users and companies that build inserts into vehicles (integrators). TenCate Advanced Armour itself integrates armoured prototypes. Contacts are maintained with ministries in order to follow developments in commissions and requirements, while fundamental research, for example into new materials, is carried out with universities and knowledge institutes. You can read more about the R&D efforts on page 6.



Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)