Autumn 2013


Landscaping project in Riyadh

In March 2013 the largest synthetic grass landscaping project in the world was realized not far from King Khaled international airport in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). This two-tone landscape with a surface area of 160.000m2 is based on Hatko 40mm landscaping grass made by monofilament yarns of Ten Cate Thiolon bv.   

landscaping project riyadh 1

The landscape on the traffic square which has been created close to King Khaled airport, to the north of the capital of Saudi Arabia, is a sand-strewn field of monofilament yarns in two shades of green. 

Using their expertise, the R&D staff of TenCate Grass in Dubai have developed a special blend of raw materials that guarantees greatly prolonged UV stability. This is to ensure that it would satisfy the ten-year UV guarantee – bearing in mind that Riyadh registers the highest solar activity in the world. In addition, 250,000 kg of yarns had to be supplied in just three weeks at the height of the high season. This is an achievement that only TenCate could deliver, thanks to its global production capacity. 

landscaping project riyadh 5 

Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) commissioned the project, choosing Hatko Sports (Turkey) as supplier and installer. 

Hatko Sports Technologies is using TenCate yarns since longtime and has already carried out various projects over the past years. Hatko en TenCate are partners that work efficiently and for whom high quality is a must, not a luxury.  

landscaping project riyadh 4 

The project in Riyadh took only 150 days from delivery to installation and was a big success of HATKO. 

landscaping project riyadh 3

Landscape design was done by: Eduard Gevers from Bödeker Partners
Local subcontractor for installation: Riyadh Villas
Main contractor: Almabani construction
Technical design and supervision installation artificial grass: Henk Breunissen, Happy Feet sports system

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)