Autumn 2012


Innovation in advanced materials

TenCate is one of the four first key players in Advanced Materials Manufacturing Oost-Nederland (AMMON), a business development and innovation programme led by industry in the East Netherlands. The aim is to accelerate and broaden the business development of industrial companies and strengthen industrial cooperation. 

Wednesday 13 June saw the official kick-off of AMMON, which was hosted by TenCate 
AMMON pursues the acceleration and broadening of the business growth of industrial companies concerned with raw materials, smart materials, safety and security, sustainable living environments, and energy storage and reuse. ‘Advanced materials are important because these materials can endow products with characteristics that are important to the customer and which other materials cannot provide,’ explains Tjerk Gorter, programme manager of AMMON.

Tjerk Gorter, programme manager of AMMON and also director of Qanbridge
By establishing AMMON, industrial undertakings in the East Netherlands have taken the lead  − hence the term ‘industry-led innovation’: a programme driven by industry. East Netherlands is highly diverse in terms of trade and industry. ‘This is both our strength and our weakness,’ feels Martin Olde Weghuis (manager business development at TenCate). ‘That’s why we must build bridges ... and networks. That’s my role: creating business.' 

Martin Olde Weghuis, manager business development at TenCate
In the short term, AMMON must enable through cooperation industrial players in the East Netherlands to quickly and effectively launch distinctive solutions on the market. Therefore innovation programmes cannot do without market attack programmes with an underlying business plan. 
The objective in the long term is the realization of a far stronger industrial-technological infrastructure for the East Netherlands. And as far as innovation is concerned, industrial cooperation in the East Netherlands is entering a completely new phase.
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