Autumn 2010

Xennia guest at Buckingham Palace

It was a unique experience for Xennia employees Colin Harrison and Mehran Navi to be received in style at Buckingham Palace and to shake hands with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

The occasion was the presentation of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise to Xennia Technology for its ‘excellent performance’ in the field of international trade, growth and commercial success. They were the ones chosen to receive this award on behalf of all their colleagues.

The reception in Buckingham Palace

Wearing a nameplate, bearing the EIIR emblem (Elizabeth II Regina), they walked along the red carpet, through a room filled with Renoirs and other masterpieces to the room where the Queen received them and more than 500 other guests.

Colin Harrison shaking hands with Queen Elizabeth...

With so many guests with whom the monarch has to speak in just a couple of hours, there is little opportunity for a lengthy exchange of views. Nevertheless, she was ‘extremely friendly’ and among other questions asked whether things were going well with Xennia and which markets were showing growth. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, displayed an interest in the applications of the products that Xennia supplies and how the industry as a whole is developing.

... followed by Mehran Navi

‘It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience,’ they both said. ‘We feel honoured that we were allowd to represent the company and realize, of course, that this is the result of the efforts of the whole team.’

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