Autumn 2010

TenCate Tapeslide™ XP - exceptional resistance to wear

Seven years ago TenCate introduced fibres with XP™ technology. Laboratory testing at the time showed that TenCate Tapeslide™ XP fibres have exceptional resistance to wear. These results have been fully confirmed in practice, as witnessed by experiences in recreational sports in particular.

Many sports fields are used for both training and matches and are often played on at all hours of the day and night and with all kinds of footwear. More than 3,000 playing hours a year is no exception. Obviously, the physical stress on the fibres is extreme and they often wear out fast. In order to provide the customer with a field that will last, the most durable turf product must be installed on such intensively used sports fields. This is the reason why TenCate Tapeslide™ XP fibres are recommended for high-use sports fields.

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The TenCate Tapeslide™ XP fibre

Since the introduction of TenCate Tapeslide™ XP fibres TenCate has been monitoring a large number of extreme-use fields worldwide. The results are stunning. All the fields made with these fibres are not only still in use today but, without exception, they remain in excellent condition, showing either no signs of wear or only minimal signs, and are seemingly good to last for another seven years.

In Kristiansand (Norway) a football field with TenCate Tapeslide™ XP fibres was installed in 2003. The field is used for more than 3,000 hours a year. The Everett Alvarez school in Salinas (California, USA) has an American football field with alternating panels of field green and olive green TenCate Tapeslide™ XP fibres. The field is used not only for training and games, but also as a classroom every day when hundreds of students use it during their physical education class. In the weekend it is open for use for youth league games.

In the Netherlands there are more than one hundred Cruyff Courts with TenCate Tapeslide™ XP fibres at strategic locations, so that enthusiasm for sports amongst youngsters is being kindled at an early age.

Hundreds of matches are played each week on the mini field of Plex Indoor Sports in Columbia (South Carolina, USA), which was installed with TenCate Tapeslide™ XP fibres in 2004. Every day there is also an after-school programme for more than 50 children. Despite intensive use and the absence of a maintenance programme, the turf fibres show no signs of splitting.

The L. Gordon Davenport Field in the W. Max Finley stadium in Chattanooga, (Tennessee, USA) played host to the National Collegiate Athletic Association Championship Game on natural grass from 1997 to 2009. However, during the championship game in 2004 the newly installed grass field was ruined. The stadium was in danger of losing the championship game. The search for a permanent solution led to the installation of a synthetic turf field with TenCate Tapeslide™ XP fibres. Not only can the field continue to host the NCAA Division I-AA Championship Game, but is now also allowed to hold high school, college and semi-pro soccer games. The field has stood up extremely well under much more intensive use. 

The Finlay Stadium in Chattanooga (USA)

The Kellogg Zaher Complex in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) consists of seven synthetic turf soccer fields, two of which were installed with TenCate Tapeslide™ XP fibres. Despite being used for soccer tournaments every weekend, on top of being open to the public day and night, the TenCate Tapeslide™ XP fibres are performing supberbly. The difference between the two types of fields is extraordinary. For anyone walking from other sports fields at the complex onto a TenCate Tapeslide™ XP field, the latter looks as good as new.

The sports complex of Athletes in Action in Xenia (Ohio) 

Maybe the best example of the versatility of TenCate Tapeslide™ XP comes from Xenia, (Ohio, USA). Every summer thousands of students come to Xenia for week-long camps and competitions. The sports facility comprises two soccer fields, two softball fields, one baseball field and a full-size American football field, all installed with TenCate Tapeslide™ XP fibres. All the fields are now entering their fifth year of play, but show no signs of excessive wear.

TenCate Tapeslide™ XP fibres are rapidly becoming the go-to product for many architects and specification writers, who know that this is the most durable synthetic turf blade on the market. As John Amato, Professional Engineer of consultants JJA Sports, puts it: ‘The latest TenCate Tapeslide™ XP is an upgrade to their highly durable products and I expect that it will prove to be the workhorse of the industry.’

Football match at The Seven Hills School (Cincinnati, Ohio [USA])

Andy White, Vice President of Challenger Industries, a tufting company in Dalton, (Georgia, USA) agrees with him: ‘TenCate Tapeslide ™ XP has become a staple in our product portfolio'.

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