Autumn 2010

Sustainable grass - the solution

Worldwide TenCate Grass occupies a leading market position in components for synthetic turf systems. The group responds to global trends such as sustainability and the environment through the development and production of these components and its system approach. TenCate Grass has organized its companies in such a way that it is able to supply its customers throughout the world optimally and cost effectively.

Market and product are geared to each other to the maximum extent possible and the principle of cradle to cradle is one of the fundamental premises of the development of system solutions.

The characteristics of sports synthetic turf (like East Grand Rapids) are already just as good as a natural field in top condition

Sports fields, gardens and public green with synthetic turf  require less maintenance, can be played on for longer and more intensively and last longer than those installed with ordinary grass. What few people realize is that synthetic turf represents a drastic reduction in the use of water, fertilizers, weedkillers and fuel for maintenance equipment. There is no emission of exhaust fumes from mowers. Natural grass is far from being as natural as it sounds. It has many disadvantages for the environment and is one of the major sources of pollution worldwide. Modern synthetic turf is now outstripping natural grass on many fronts. 

The appearance of synthetic turf for lawns has all but surpassed nature

When looking at synthetic turf in top-flight sports, the focus of FIFA, the international football federation, is on durable improvement of the quality and its technical characteristics, such as ball roll, ball rebound and shock absorption of football fields. The same tendency can be seen with other sports associations. For many years now TenCate has led the way in the synthetic turf market in new developments that aim to provide durability and quality. They achieve this by developing products that have long-term improved sustainability and performance. Synthetic turf fibres meet all the requirements not only when they are first delivered, but they produce the desired performance in the following years too. In addition to sustainability, field owners want predictable performance, and players too attach great value to this aspect.

Product quality and quality procedures are continuously monitored

Formulations are developed in-house that give fibres a high degree of wear resistance and make them soft and resilient. New methods are being developed for the production of synthetic turf with an increasing number of integrated functionalities, such as 3D woven synthetic turf.  In doing so the company has set itself the task – together with third parties – of developing a safe product, which will make a positive contribution to the prevention of sports injuries. This will ensure that end-users have synthetic turf that produces a safe and sustainable sports experience.
By placing an increasing focus on development of the entire system, TenCate is able to guarantee long-term technical performance.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)