Autumn 2011

TenCate Advanced Armour presents 3D moulding process

In mid-September 2011 TenCate Advanced Armour will present an advanced technology for three-dimensional moulding of armour solutions based on TenCate Liba®. Hinged steel components for armoured vehicles can thus be replaced by parts consisting entirely of composite material. This will ultimately lead to the production of lighter and better protected vehicles.

Traditionally, armoured vehicles consist of steel or aluminium armour, and composite material is used for the add-on armour layer and the vehicle’s spall-liners. This new technology will enable the key components of armoured vehicles that were originally made of steel, such as hatches, doors, panels and bulkheads to be replaced by components consisting entirely of composite. This means improved protection for less weight.

The 3D technology will be presented at the Defence Security and Equipment International Exhibition (DSEi) in London in September.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)