Spring 2014


‘TenCate an excellent client to insure'

TenCate has insured all its production sites with the industrial property insurance company FM Global. An increasing number of TenCate plants have now received the Highly Protected Risk Award from FM Global. They satisfy the highest standards of this industrial insurer as far as prevention is concerned. In fact safety and protection are a top priority at TenCate.

The ongoing mission of TenCate is to ensure the better protection of people and their working and living environment. The safety and protection of employees and their working environment play a central role at its production sites. The insurance of all its production sites is handled worldwide by FM Global, the world’s largest industrial fire insurer. This company specializes in offering insurance and loss prevention services. FM Global develops loss prevention models in house based on research and practical trials, and carries out fire and explosion tests on its Research Campus. Technology is continuously improving. The company has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience over almost 180 years. The basic principle of the insurer is that prevention is better than cure. ‘We prefer to help clients to avoid losses with devastating results rather than having to repair the damage after the event,’ says engineering specialist Peter Nafzger.

‘TenCate an excellent client to insure'

FM Global engineering specialist Peter Nafzger

‘Our concern is the continuity of the factory site and the production processes,’ explains Peter Nafzger. ‘After all, customer demand must be met by our clients. We look at what is good and what is not; what the risks are for your company following a fire- or natural-hazard loss; what can be improved and what budget TenCate would have to set aside for this purpose. An unforeseen calamity not only causes physical damage but also often brings consequential loss in its wake. This can directly lead to you losing your customers!’
When it comes to practical implementation, one may sometimes stumble across problems concerning the size of the desired investment, but never unwillingness. ‘Our clients are prevention-minded. They are selected on this basis. Prevention means profit, because the chance of having a large loss is small. Practice shows that if a company is well protected and promotes good housekeeping, this is good for the people and for the environment too. After all there is little or no pollution resulting from a fire or leakage.’
All in all the preventive programmes of FM Global focus on reducing the chance of having a loss and limiting the possible damage as much as possible.

Incidentally advice and recommendations are not the rule – at least not at TenCate. At various sites a zero recommendation report has been issued after several visits. Nine TenCate companies have received the FM Global Highly Protected Risk Award over the past three years. This year three – and possibly even five – sites are to be nominated for this designation. TenCate also has a good name within FM Global. ‘We don’t always encounter a risk manager who is so committed to safety and loss prevention. He is nearly always present during our visits and this also has a positive effect on the work floor. It is evident that safety and protection are supported at corporate level. TenCate is prevention-minded and for us an excellent client to insure. Those involved are open to good advice; they speak their mind in this respect and that promotes clarity.’

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