Autumn 2014

Wind farm Noordoostpolder under construction

The largest wind turbine farm in the Netherlands is being built on the IJsselmeerdijk in the province of Flevoland. The roads constructed to enable the building materials to be delivered and the platforms for the cranes both rest on foundations that incorporate TenCate Geolon®.  

The plan is to install 86 wind turbines for the Noordoost polder wind farm, 48 of which will come to stand in the IJsselmeer, 38 others will be placed on the land side of the dyke. The wind farm also includes the 26 turbines that will be built on the shoreline along the Noordermeerdijk and the Westermeerdijk. 

3 geo wind farm Noordoostpolder under construction

The soil in the Noordoost polder is extremely weak, which means that each wind turbine will require a foundation of more than 60 concrete piles, measuring some 25 metres apiece. The crane platforms and supply routes have been reinforced with TenCate Geolon® PET, which guarantees that the terrain will continue to be easily accessible and that construction can go ahead without disruption. 

3 geosynthetics windturbine IMG_5805

This is because the height of the crane platforms – the highest mobile cranes in Europe – must be guaranteed for a period of 20 years and require only a minimum of maintenance. 

3 geosynthetics windpark 0091

The Dutch government intends as much as possible to switch to sustainable energy, with wind turbine farms playing a key role in this aim. They help to generate energy without CO2 emissions. Once it is completed, the Noordoost polder wind farm will supply energy to well over 400,000 households.

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