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TenCate Tecasystem™ - new protective solutions

TenCate Tecasystem™ - new protective solutions

TenCate Protective Fabrics introduced four new systems for firefighting clothing under the TenCate Tecasystem™ brand. These are TenCate’s answer to the request from firefighters to develop an extremely light and comfortable system, which still retains all the necessary protective and sustainable features.


A model in the new protective clothing based on TenCate Tecasystem™  from the TenCate Protective Fabrics brochure Room to move

In the US and Europe TenCate Protective Fabrics is the market leader in protective fabrics. TenCate focuses on industrial markets, fire and emergency services, the health care sector and defence applications. This is a very wide range of work situations, which require multifunctional clothing and the ultimate in protection. Some risks are so extreme that it is only possible to provide maximum protection by integrating the materials into a multi-layer system, such as TenCate Tecasystem™, in which each layer has specific functionalities. The layers themselves are aligned to each other. The system prevents water penetrating the clothing and reduces heat stress by allowing body heat and perspiration to pass through. By taking a lightweight system approach, the protective clothing is comfortable to wear and suitable for any situation in which firefighters have to work.

In TenCate Tecasystem™ each layer has specific functionalities

The four systems vary in protection, comfort, technology, colour, sustainability and weight. The TenCate Tecasystem™ Millenia 450 is the lightest and strongest protective solution on the international market. This three-layer system – unlike traditional solutions – consists of a three-dimensional thermal moisture barrier. This 3D structure creates air (insulation) in the firefighter’s uniform, which improves the breathability of the clothing and considerably reduces the danger of heat stress. The system is exceptional in that many washes do not affect its properties or appearance. Each system can be geared to the customer’s specific requirements. TenCate offers the flexibility to choose a single layer or a complete system. Single layers can be changed around to achieve a customer-specific multi-layer solution, which meets the European standard for firefighting clothing. 

Mike Allen (Senior Product Development Engineer, Europe/Middle East/Africa): ‘By offering them a system, we can better assure our customers of performance and quality’,

In order to be able to comply with all the requirements worldwide, TenCate actively participates in various international standards committees that decide on European standards, the American NFPA standard and the global ISO standard. TenCate has its own test laboratories in Europe, Asia and America. Each system – including TenCate Tecasystem™ – must in addition be certified by an independent test institute. The customer (the supplier of protective professional wear) has the advantage that he no longer needs to think about the correct development of the system: development and certification in accordance with European or US standards have already been taken care of by TenCate. In addition, the customer has a purchasing advantage because the entire system can be supplied in one go. So the customer can identify the different performance levels, simplify the logistical and selection process and thus reduce costs.  

Ramon Overdijk ( Marketing & Sales Director)

The introduction of the four new systems took place in June at Interschutz, the world’s ‘largest exhibition in the field of incident management, crisis manager and disaster relief. ‘This was the second time we have participated in Interschutz and our growth has not gone unnoticed’, says Ramon Overdijk, Marketing & Sales Director. ‘Our developments in the field of outer fabrics and our system approach were well received. Respected garment-makers and large European agencies visited the stand and expressed interest.’


Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)