TenCate 解决方案

TenCate Cetex® for Superbus

At Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands the finishing touch is being applied to the very first Superbus. The vehicle interior is now upholstered and parts are being painted.

The concept – an idea of Wubbo Ockels and an innovation in mobility – is based, among other things, on energy efficiency and safety, and everything within the Superbus concept is focused on sustainability. TenCate Advanced Composites is involved in the project as materials supplier. In addition to carbon fabric for own processing with thermoset resins.

TenCate Cetex® carbon PEI skins have been supplied for the door interiors (see photo below). These are covered with leather. TenCate Cetex® meets such requirements as those laid down for interior applications by the aviation sector. Furthermore, all thermoplastics are in principle recyclable. 


Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)