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Search for the Field of Dreams

Search for the Field of Dreams

In February 2009 the Synthetic Turf Council (STC) in the USA announced the first ‘Search for the Real Field of Dreams’. With over a thousand synthetic turf sports fields installed in the US, the STC wanted to discover the stories behind some of these fields and show the huge difference that such sports turf fields make to students all over the US. TenCate was proud to hear that most ‘Fields of Dreams’ are made from TenCate products.

Three independent expert judges evaluated the entries from 37 schools and selected the ten winners. TenCate has supplied the synthetic turf for seven of the top ten fields in the contest, including the Grand Champion and the runner-up. ‘These stories show how TenCate materials make a real difference to people’s lives.’

The Grand Prize prize went to Salesian High School in Richmond (California). Seventy percent of all the students here play sports. The playing fields were, however, in such a sorry state that the football teams had been told that they were on the brink of closure. That all changed when money was collected to purchase a synthetic turf pitch.
The Salesian team’s first game on their brand-new field was played against a team that was considered ‘unbeatable’. Cheered on by nearly 1,000 fans, who packed the stands, Salesian High School defeated its opponent 40-37. The headline in the next day’s newspaper read, ‘David beats Goliath’. 

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)