TenCate 解决方案



Employees of C1000 are currently sporting a new look. The new line in clothing is based on TenCate Tecawork™ KG27 and KG 308.

In 2006 Schuitema, owner of the C1000 chain, presented the new, fourth-generation shops, the first of which was opened in Nuenen on 25 January of that year. As well as affecting the logo and staff clothing, the modernization has consequences for both the interior layout and the exterior of the shops. In total 450 supermarkets in the Netherlands will get a new makeover, and of the 30,000 or so employees a number have already donned the new clothing.

Stringent selection 
The articles of clothing - one or two sets per person - are made by De Waard Beroepskleding. The company specializes in the development, production and sale of professional clothing for the hospitality and retail trades. Schuitema is no stranger to this firm: earlier generations of clothing have also been made by the company in Alkmaar. After a stringent selection procedure, the honour of developing the fourth generation also fell to De Waard. Eventually De Waard in its turn approached TenCate Protect, likewise no stranger. ‘We’ve had good experience with the qualities of TenCate Protect,’ explains the director Matthieu de Waard. ‘and in terms of price and technology, we’ve been well satisfied. Cooperation with this Dutch company gives us that extra bit of guarantee.’

Exclusive design
The clothing has been developed in close consultation with Schuitema. An ‘exclusive design’ has emerged that complies with all quality standards and is produced in the new corporate colours of orange and black. This clothing line will run for seven to ten years. With the crowning argument that it was important to ‘put the clock forward’, the directorate quickly reached agreement. De Waard not only has its own production plant in Poland, it also has clothing made in Asia. Quality control will be handled through the office in Shanghai.

And the experiences to date? ‘Highly promising.’

Employees of a C1000 shop in Oldenzaal (NL)

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)