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With the brand new Workfashion4 the Cologne-based garment maker offers ‘a refreshing outfit’ particularly for fashion-conscious employees. BP’s slogan is: ‘Pleasure in your working clothes – every day’. Components of the company garment line are a Worker jacket, a Worker blouse, the retro-sweater with hood and Worker working trousers in three styles. The result: six garments with clever details and countless possibilities. The garments can be fully combined with the wearer’s taste, the working location and the aim. ‘For the first time we at Workfashion4 have used materials that have clearly offered us greater freedom.’

TenCate Tecastyle® - Denim-Look is an innovative dying treatment that creates a professional yet casual look for trendy working garments and company clothing. In order to ensure a good result TenCate Protective Fabrics has drawn up a recommendation: the garments should be pre-washed immediately before use in order to activate the Denim-Look. The mechanical action in the washing machine changes the full colour of the material into a Denim Look. BP has based its collection on TenCate Tecastyle® - KG 340 Denim-Look Brown. 

As regards structure and external appearance it is visibly different from traditional weaves. BP says: ‘It combines the proven strength of a leisure-wear canvas look with an authentic denim feel’. ‘You can feel it’s different, more easily wearable. And also suitable for professional washing processes.’

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)