• 18 十一月 2015


    Blast walls with geotextiles
    Blast walls

    The Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot Bedford (Nova Scotia, Canada) houses the ammunition for the ships of the Maritime Forces Atlantic Formation of the Canadian Navy. Several years ago new geosynthetic reinforced blast walls were constructed using TenCate Mirafi® high strength PET geotextiles

  • 5 十一月 2015

    Sustainable turf in Medellin
    sustainable grass in medellin news

    In a district of Medellín (Colombia) a remarkable building has been constructed: the UVA Sol de Oriente. The most striking thing about this multifunctional structure is a sports pitch, measuring 55 x 33 metres, which is installed on the roof, with a GreenFields® Slide Max XQ™ synthetic turf system covering it.

  • 26 十月 2015

    Advanced Composites

    Solar Team Twente second in World Solar Challenge and winner Technical Innovation Award
    solar team twente 2015

    The Solar Team Twente (NL) has won a second place in the World Solar Challenge 2015. During the closing ceremony, the Twente team is also awarded the Technical Innovation Award.

  • 22 十月 2015

    Investor Relations

    TenCate Trading Update Third Quarter 2015

    TenCate recorded sales of € 297 million for the third quarter of 2015 (2014 Q3: € 277 million, organic growth 2%). The group result was especially driven by the strong growth of TenCate Grass. On an organic basis, sales of TenCate Advanced Armour and TenCate Geosynthetics were down.

  • 21 十月 2015

    Advanced Armour

    Convocation Extraordinary General Meeting 7 December 2015

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)