Winter 2013


Protection of people, materiel and the environment

Society is facing risks that are increasing in both size and number, particularly in the area of safety and sustainability. This has led to a growing need for protection of people and the environment. The mission of TenCate is to constantly provide improved protection for people and their everyday surroundings.

TenCate Advanced Armour focuses primarily on combining low weight with maximum wearer comfort, while still retaining optimal protection.
TenCate Grass translates this mission into the continuous innovation of synthetic turf components and systems which possess characteristics that make them ideally suited to the sport as well as comfortable (injury prevention), strong and skin-friendly.

Providing protection is inextricably linked with reliability. TenCate fully endorses the materials that it develops and produces - often in close cooperation with carefully selected partners. A high level of quality must consequently be guaranteed, as users of our materials rely on this. No expense should be spared on safety and protection, although TenCate is constantly working on producing solutions that are both smart and more cost effective, certainly at the present time.

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‘txtures is one of the ways in which we aim to hold a dialogue with our stakeholders and to point out the importance of the right protection.
We hope that the articles in this upgraded edition of txtures will give you a good picture of the added value of our materials, of our activities and of the markets in which we operate across the world. I hope that the new format will inspire you to continue challenging us to devise new solutions.'

Frank Spaan, director business development
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)