Winter 2013


Presentation of personal protective equipment

TenCate Protective Fabrics has introduced new protective fabrics and systems at trade fairs in Düsseldorf, Birmingham and Chambéry in the past few weeks. This involves two protective products in the TenCate Tecasafe® Plus collection and protective solutions for firefighting equipment (TenCate Gemini XTL™ outer shell and TenCate Millenia™).

At the A+A, held in Düsseldorf (Germany) from 5 to 8 November, personal protection, operational reliability and health at work occupied a central role. TenCate Protective Fabrics launched two new protective products in the TenCate Tecasafe® Plus collection here. One product is for knit fabrics for polo shirts and T-shirts that are comfortable to wear and that wash extremely well in the industrial laundry. The second product is a fabric with laminate for use in flame-resistant outer clothing. This provides maximum protection against rain and wind, and offers great wearer comfort and excellent moisture-regulating characteristics.

4 protective still
TenCate Tecasafe® Plus woven and knit fabrics were developed with a patented fibre composition. The fabrics have undergone testing in accordance with European and American standards. These tests showed that the inherently flame-resistant characteristics will neither wash out nor wear out.
Thanks to the introduction of the knit fabrics and laminates, it is possible to put together complete TenCate Tecasafe® Plus clothing systems. TenCate Tecasafe® Plus fabrics are already being used in work trousers, jackets and overalls. Also now available are protective solutions for polo shirts, T-shirts and outdoor jackets.

Materials for firefighting equipment
On 25 and 26 September TenCate Protective Fabrics attended the Emergency Service Show in Birmingham (United Kingdom). In addition to existing protective solutions, the market group exhibited there new fabrics and systems for firefighting equipment, including the TenCate Gemini XTL™ outer shell and TenCate Millenia™ for turn-out gear. It also presented these same fabrics and systems at the Congrès National des Sapeurs-Pompiers in Chambéry (Savoie, France) from 10 to 12 October. The new materials help to further reduce heat stress and thus keep firefighters cooler. If this does not occur efficiently, it can lead to a loss of concentration, fatigue, breathing difficulties and ultimately to heat stroke. Heat and moisture regulation are thus vital for firefighters. TenCate Protective Fabrics has integrated these functionalities into TenCate Gemini XTL™ and TenCate Millenia™.

TenCate expects the demand for protective and comfortable clothing in the industry to continue to increase. This is partly due to the tightening of legislation and regulations regarding personnel safety.
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)