Winter 2012


Resistant to Sandy

At the end of October Hurricane Sandy hit the Caribbean area and subsequently the eastern coast of the United States with devastating force. Thanks to the core of TenCate Geotube® containers in the dunes in parts of the coast of New Jersey, the erosion of the shoreline there remained restricted. 
geosynthetics tubes new jersey in sand
Within the context of dune restoration, dune dikes with TenCate Geotube® containers were constructed along the New Jersey shoreline, starting in the 1990’s. 
geosynthetics new jersey before sandy 2011 
The beach near Ocean City in 2011
In 2010, a total of 1.47 km of these containers had been installed. This afforded places such as Ocean City, Sea Isle City, Beach Haven and Atlantic City optimal protection against hurricane forces. No needless precaution, as it turned out recently. The tubular containers in the row of dunes managed to withstand the pounding waves that buffeted the coast as Sandy struck. The tubes lived up to expectation, even though part of the dune was washed away.  
geosynthetics new jersey after Sandy
The dune row provided adequate protection even though part was washed away (picture Doug Bergen, 
‘TenCate has a long history with marine constructions and shoreline protection applications,’ says John Henderson, global director Water & Environment of TenCate Geosynthetics. ‘Our Geotube® marine technology has been fundamental in the creation of many unique marine projects worldwide: from sand dune cores to breakwaters to marine structures. Early indications are that the TenCate Geotube® marine technology used along the eastern coast of the United States performed well against the forces of Hurricane Sandy. As with many other storm events, such as Hurricane Isaac early this year, the TenCate Geotube® marine technology has proven to be an instrumental part of an effective shoreline protection system.’
geosynthetics new jersey after sandy 923 
Sea Isle City, begin November 2012. Here the tube is visible underneath the walk-over bridge built over the dune to access the beach without damaging the dune and grasses. 
Despite the protection afforded to the eastern coast by TenCate Geotube® technology, Sandy has claimed dozens of lives and caused damage amounting to $30 billion. In September 2008 5m-high waves generated by Hurricane Ike, one of the predecessors of Sandy and Isaac, ravaged the coast of Galveston (Texas). The damage remained reasonably restricted thanks to the row of TenCate Geotube® containers along the shoreline. These broke the force of the raging waters. Hurricane Irene hit the East coast in August 2011; TenCate Geotube® containers installed at Beach Haven and Ocean City held up and protected the properties.
geosynthetics new jersey after sandy 937
Ocean City, begin November 2012. A long shot of the street on the right and sand pushed up onto the dune after the storm, showing top of the TenCate Geotube® layer. 
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)