Winter 2011

The top in protection

TenCate Advanced Armour offers customer-specific protection solutions based on lightweight ceramic and composite materials (soft and hard armour). These solutions focus on personal protection, on armour for army vehicles, vessels, aircraft and civil vehicles, as well as on ballistic protective fabrics and prepregs. Composite materials too are manufactured for the protection of installations and buildings.

Trends in the market for armour systems include the growing importance of product life cycle and the need for higher levels of protection and weight reductions for soldier and vehicle.

TenCate Advanced Armour procures the materials for its protection solutions from chemical companies, suppliers of polymers, fibres and fabrics, and suppliers of ballistic metals and ceramics. The biggest customers of TenCate Advanced Armour are vehicle manufacturers, ship builders, aircraft manufacturers, makers of bullet-proof vests and helmets, integrators (companies that integrate protective panels in vehicles), and manufacturers of cash-in-transit vans. End-users include land forces, the navy, pilots, the police and riot squads, and users of civil vehicles and cash-in-transit vans.

TenCate Advanced Armour supplies such companies as BSST, Patria, General Dynamics, BAE Systems, Panhard, Acmat, Renault Trucks Défense and several automobile manufacturers. The projects concerned involve protection kits and add-on armour for the Humvee, Stryker, the Panhard Petits Véhicules Protégés, the Ceasar of Nexter and VIP cars. Furthermore TenCate can now supply three-dimensionally moulded bodywork parts.

As regards applications in vessels, it’s a question of protecting those on board, munitions depots, bridge stations, combat information centres and communication equipment. Projects revolve around naval frigates, boats for the harbour police, patrol boats, and shuttle boats for the offshore industry, and can involve permanent integration in the structure of new ships or the installation of improvements to existing vessels. 

Important elements in end-user marketing include the contacts with ministries of defence and programme managers, as well as conferences, trade fairs and test days. 

An important development in the defence and aircraft world is offset: the request for and the ability to offer compensation orders or something in exchange. In a case where TenCate Advanced Armour cannot provide something itself, a market group that is already active in the country concerned or develops and produces other materials may well be able to supply it. 

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)