Winter 2011

Johan Cruijff: 'A Cruyff Court is a happy field'

On Wednesday 14 September Carole Thate (director Johan Cruyff Foundation) and Loek de Vries (president and CEO of TenCate) signed a three-year prolongation of the partner agreement between TenCate and the Johan Cruyff Foundation . This took place under the watchful eye of Johan Cruijff himself.

On the occasion of the prolongation of the sponsor agreement on – naturally – 14 September, a meeting took place between Johan Cruijff, founder of the foundation, and Loek de Vries, president and CEO of TenCate.

Johan Cruijff: 'You must be lucky enough to run into the right people. When we started with the fields, we had two important partners, TenCate and the National Postcode Lottery, and they have formed our buttress. We could then make offers because we knew we could carry them out. This increases your reliability. And that’s why it’s so satisfying to us that these two partners are still with us. It’s an expression of trust. They support our brand; you can leave it to them.’

‘A Cruyff Court is a very happy field, with the green and the yellow and orange colours. When you walk by and look, you can’t help smiling. We try to manage each field in keeping with the neighbourhood; you have to deal with it at their level. This fits in with the programme “Participate, Learn, Win”, so that youngsters can demonstrate their responsibility.' 

Loek de Vries: ‘The social commitment of TenCate has been considerable for years. The years of sponsoring the Cruyff Foundation have demonstrated the international commitment of TenCate. The social role of synthetic turf is focused on a safe sporting experience. The sports men and women are central as far as TenCate is concerned. This is based on our end-user marketing strategy. Hockey players, footballers, tennis players and golfers, whether professional or amateur, must be able to pursue their sport in a safe way. Thanks to the progressive acceptance of synthetic turf, synthetic turf can increasingly fulfil this cohesive role. The international installation of Cruyff Courts is proof of this.’

‘TenCate is heavily involved in R&D.  The developments of TenCate in synthetic turf range from fibres to systems to integrated solutions. In addition we harness other technologies, as for example in the GreenSource project with Pentair X-Flow for the collection and purification of water. This can also contribute to a solution to the water problem in South Africa. You can link a Cruyff Court with a water collection basin.'

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)