Winter 2011

The future of outdoor living

Garment manufacturers of repute incorporate materials from the extensive TenCate Outdoor Fabrics range into canopies and awnings for caravans and trailer tents, group and camping tents, sun awnings and in a number of specialties, such as tepees, tour operator and lodge tents.

In the market the name TenCate stands for quality, durability and innovative capacity. ‘In almost every country where people go camping for pleasure, we supply outdoor fabrics.’

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics purchases fibres, chemicals and polymers from various suppliers as raw materials. Almost all the yarns are spun in its own spinning mill, and the company weaves and finishes virtually all the fabric types itself. Garment manufacturers include Bax, Brand, Cabanon, Campingtex, Dorema, Isabella, Inaca, Jürgens and Trigano.

The majority of garment manufacturers sell their tents through dealers. TenCate Outdoor Fabrics has now provided in-house training to some seventy dealers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Anyone entering a tent store can now see from a sticker on the window that there is a tent cloth specialist recognized by TenCate in the store.

Most end-users will be approached either indirectly (by the dealer) or directly, for example at the ANWB Camping Exhibition and at trade fairs such as the Camping and Caravan Annual Fair. Contacts with other end-users, like Scouting Netherlands and the UNHCR in Geneva, often come about on the basis of an invitation from the organization concerned. 

For TenCate Outdoor Fabrics the sun awning is a strategically ever more important market, which will ultimately be many times larger than the tent cloth market.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)