Summer 2013


Geosynthetics, a world product

TenCate Geosynthetics is worldwide ‘the leading supplier of geosynthetic products and solutions that improve infrastructure, protect the environment and help to conserve natural resources’. Geosynthetics are generally used to solve civil engineering problems. Examples include the stabilization or separation of soil layers, soil reinforcement, protection against erosion and mechanical damage, drainage and sealing, so that pollution does not enter the soil.

2 geosynthetics intro 1 deltawerken

How it all began: geosynthetics (gravel bags) for the Delta Works 

Dyke bodies and retaining walls can be built and reinforced with geosynthetics, such as TenCate Miragrid® geogrids and TenCate Polyfelt® geotextiles. Geosynthetics are also used in the environmental market (filtration), for the protection and reinforcement of beaches and the banks of rivers or lakes or the dewatering of polluted sludge (TenCate Geotube®) and as part of a monitoring system for dyke bodies (TenCate GeoDetect®). As part of a system solution for technically more complex projects the market group is the only supplier to also offer technical support. There is an online design module available for example for mechanically stabilized soil applications.

 2 geosynthetics intro 2 zhuhai

Production of TenCate Geotube® in the factory in Zhuhai (China)

In terms of its areas of application, the market group has three distinct business units:  - Civil Works (infrastructure: construction of roads, railways, slopes, tunnels, landfill sites, wind farms, etc.) - Water & Environment (dewatering and storage  of sludge, hydraulic engineering structures, dyke monitoring)  - Industrial Fabrics (for the mushroom industry, cattle breeding, agriculture and the recreational market). TenCate Geosynthetics generates 80% of its revenues from Civil Works. More than half the total revenues of this market group are government-related. 

2 geosynthetics wereldproduct mirafi rsi 

TenCate Mirafi® RSi is a double-layer material that integrates the five main functionalities in road construction: separation, reinforcement, confinement, filtration and drainage. 

The cost to the end-user will as a result turn out lower. Natural resources are spared as much as possible. 

For both the water management & environmental market and the infrastructure market TenCate where possible adopts a system approach. This market group is increasingly seeking cooperation with installers and other specialist companies in the chain, including for example consultants, engineering firms, polymer technologists and dredging and structuring companies. The aim is twofold: to convey more effectively the importance of system solutions and to develop solutions that are cost effective and protect the environment. The number of strategic partners is growing. In this way you become aware of projects sooner and you can specify more quickly. Forming alliances is a part of the TenCate strategy relating to end-user marketing.

2 geosynthetics wereldproduct wind park

The highest wind turbine in the Netherlands (198.5 m) was recently installed on a construction platform using TenCate Polyfelt® Geolon.

Expertise, quality, breadth of product offering, environmental friendliness and the geographic spread of production sites determine the value proposition of TenCate Geosynthetics. The TenCate Geosynthetics business model determines how the market group creates value, manages the value chain and adds value to customer-focused system solutions. 

2 geosynthetics nijverdal

The production facility in Nijverdal (NL)

The TenCate Geosynthetics value proposition is to be found in its technological and product knowledge, its experience with applications, the quality and environmental friendliness of its solutions, its international network of companies and its track record as a project partner. TenCate Geosynthetics has been developing environmentally friendly materials for the solution of civil engineering problems for more than sixty years and from this it has acquired a wealth of expertise and experience. This has resulted in for example its technical advisory function in the processing of products by the customer during projects. This expertise helps TenCate Geosynthetics to solve the problems of its customers. In this way TenCate stands out from other producers. ‘Geosynthetics ensure the completion of projects which would otherwise not have been possible.’

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)