Summer 2013


A study day protective firefighters clothing

On Wednesday 17 April TenCate Protective Fabrics in Nijverdal held a study day on protective firefighter clothing. Thirty-five firefighters from across the Netherlands responded to the invitation. It was an instructive day, with a follow-up on the cards.  

In the morning the guests watched and listened to the presentations of Jos Bosman and Ramon Overdijk, respectively, general director and marketing director of TenCate Protective Fabrics. They also heard Stefan Wevers (chief fire officer of the Twente Fire Department and chairman of the Netherlands Fire Service) speaking about the challenge offered by innovation.

2 studiedag ramon overdijk

Ramon Overdijk speaking to the guests

After lunch workshops were on the programme, with themes such as heat stress, maintenance and cleaning. These themes were discussed from the perspective not only of clothing maintenance but also of firefighter health. Moreover it was possible to visit the laboratory for an explanation and demonstration of various tests in the field of thermal protection. The day was rounded off with an opportunity to network over drinks, after which the enthusiastic participants made their way home armed with new knowledge.

2 studiedag stefan wevers

Stefan Wevers, chief fire officer of the Twente Fire Department and chairman of the Netherlands Fire Service

According to Stefan Wevers, the business community and the fire service have a joint mission: protecting our people. ‘This requires a “mindset exchange” among the parties involved and good cooperation in order to make the materials and clothing that help us in our new deployment strategies both practical and functional. Our protective clothing has developed from offering simple recognition, to offering recognition and protection against rain and cold, to where we are today: offering recognition and protection against all kinds of weather conditions, heat, mechanical influences and chemicals. In addition our clothing must be light and comfortable to wear. Certainly no easy task! To me this means that we must think more as partners and together seek out solutions for the future.’

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)