Summer 2013


GreenFields® TX for top hockey

GreenFields is to install a new synthetic turf pitch in the Wagener Stadium (Amsterdam) this summer. The company was selected early in 2013 to build the synthetic turf pitches for the 2014 Hockey World Cup in The Hague. Just as in The Hague, in Amsterdam too they have opted for the GreenFields® TX pitch. 

The Wagener Stadium in the Amsterdamse Bos is the main stadium for the official international matches played by the Dutch national hockey team. The stadium is also the home of the Amsterdam Hockey & Bandy Club. This is the oldest hockey club in the Netherlands, with both its first women’s and men’s teams playing at the highest level. The Amsterdam men’s team is also taking part in the European Hockey League. The stadium has been owned by the Royal Dutch Hockey Bond (KNHB) since 1980. The KNHB selected GreenFields to supply a new synthetic turf pitch, as the current pitch needs to be replaced. 

2 grass wagener 1 

Following the example of The Hague, in Amsterdam too they opted for a GreenFields® TX pitch. 

This synthetic turf system was developed by GreenFields in close cooperation with top Dutch hockey players and textile technology group TenCate. 


2 grass wagener 2

‘We have developed the best synthetic turf system in the world for our Dutch golden teams and international players and for recreational hockey players’, says Ed Donkers (marketing manager, GreenFields). ‘This is in line with our mission to develop high quality and sustainable synthetic turf systems for as many sports as possible.’

2 grass wagener 4

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)