Summer 2012

Strong in industrial composites

TenCate has acquired Performance Materials Corporation Baycomp. This American company specializes in composite materials moulding and thermoplastic uni-directional tape materials. Performance Materials Corporation (PMC) Baycomp  and TenCate complement each other in terms of portfolio, technology and markets.

Production in Camarillo

The acquisition will contribute greatly to the recent formation of the TenCate Industrial Composites unit, which took place at the end of 2011.

PMC Baycomp’s market positions are fully complimentary to the leading market position of TenCate in thermoplastic composites for aerospace applications and rounds out the global product offerings of TenCate to key focus markets. 

Cutting composite material by means of waterjet

At the end of 2011 TenCate started on the formation of TenCate Industrial Composites. This includes advanced composite materials and production processes (processing of composite materials into moulded parts or components) for industrial applications, such as the automotive sector and the oil and gas industry.

Production in Camarillo

‘TenCate has charted the automotive market that is relevant to the composites industry,’ said Frank Spaan, corporate director, business development at TenCate.  ‘TenCate aims to be a partner to the industry not only by supplying materials, but also by contributing to the processing of our materials. This will enable the automotive industry to achieve savings in both the weight of the car and in production costs, which forms the basis of our value proposition. TenCate is now well positioned in the markets that we believe to be important.'

Production in Camarillo

Tom Smith (director TenCate Industrial Composites USA) sees purely positive aspects to the acquisition. ‘Both companies are currently leaders in thermoplastic composite materials and technology. The acquisition of PMC Baycomp provides TenCate with the broadest array of products and capabilities in the thermoplastic composites industry. Our suppliers and customers have let us know that the acquisition is very positive and is needed to move thermoplastic technology forward at an accelerated rate. Becoming a part of TenCate gives PMC Baycomp additional value and credibility for the industry in the eyes of the market.’

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)