Summer 2012

TenCate Gold Sponsor Ronald McDonald House

On Saturday May 5th, TenCate hosted a table as a Gold Sponsor at the 10th annual Ronald McDonald House fundraiser. The proceeds went to the Ronald McDonald House serving the Stanford University hospital for children. Another good example of social responsibility.

The Ronald McDonald House provides housing and support services for children and parents during long term illnesses where the parent or family would be at a financial hardship if they had to stay in hotels. Over the past ten years, this fundraiser has generated over $600,000 in funds to help support the very important work of the Ronald McDonald House. TenCate was pleased to play a role in this important community endeavor.

From left to right Joe and Mary Jane Morris, Gina and Steve Mead, Linda and Bob Shimkus and Michael Cichon. Joe Morris is President TenCate Advanced Composites USA, Steve Mead is VP Sales & Marketing, Bob Shimkus is VP Finance & Administration and Michael Cichon is Director of Marketing. Attending but not on the picture is Jim Mondo, VP Thermoplastic Technology


Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)