Summer 2012

Sustainable enterprise

In 2011 TenCate further reinforced its sustainability policy. As a part of this, Ten Cate Protect has structurally embedded corporate social responsibility in its organization.

With the aid of the process ecotool, the fullest and clearest picture possible will be obtained in 2012 of the CO2 footprint caused by the processes within the TenCate companies in the Netherlands (and then worldwide). With the aid of product ecotools, the CO2 footprint of a growing number of TenCate products will be determined in 2012. This enables the performance of a product throughout the entire value chain to be shown, based on such criteria as climate effect, energy and water consumption, the use of land and chemicals.

The reasons for implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) are obvious: take for a start the increasing shortage of energy and raw materials. Companies that have implemented corporate social responsibility have more efficient business operations and are more innovative. Because they produce less waste, use less energy and have a lower level of sickness absence they are able to save costs. This makes such companies attractive employers and it is good for their image. Of equal importance is the fact that stakeholders are increasingly asking what a company is doing in relation to CSR. Credit lenders, investors and end-users look favourably on such a company. Ever more public sector bodies now require a demonstrable policy in respect of corporate social responsibility during tendering procedures.

Ten Cate Protect has now started to structurally embed CSR in the organization, although it has actually already been involved in CSR for a long time. Over the years numerous measures have been taken to make processes sustainable and to protect the environment. These include the reduction of odour emissions, the establishment of a wastewater treatment plant, the installation of a biogas plant and the exchange of heat and water between the TenCate companies in Nijverdal. It is not only the environment benefits from this, TenCate too reaps financial benefits by keeping wastewater treatment in house and thus avoiding high treatment costs from the water board. The biogas produced in this way is used to generate steam. Efforts are now being formalized further and embedded more in procedures, agreements and certification.
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)