Summer 2012

Structural lightweight vehicle armour

TenCate Advanced Armour in Primarette (France) has developed a solution that provides vehicles with passive protection against mines and roadside bombs. The company recently received a large order from the French Army. In the autumn of this year 125 vehicles from Renault Trucks Défense will be equipped with TenCate Armourtex™ BL.

Test with a Renault VAB

TenCate Armourtex™ BL is a range of lightweight solutions that were designed to reinforce vehicle structures. These solution-based composite materials can be fitted onto existing vehicles (retrofit) or, alternatively, they can be integrated into the production of new vehicles from the conception stage. 

TenCate Armourtex™ BL mitigates the intensity of the shockwave transmitted to the vehicle

The first major order for this protection solution is for the VAB (véhicule de l'avant blinde) for the French Army. This is an armoured vehicle from Renault Trucks Défense that is used to transport troops.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)