Summer 2012

Customer day TigerTurf

On Thursday, 26 April the TigerTurf facility in Hartlebury (United Kingdom) received a visit from thirty top consultants and contractor partners.

TigerTurf is an organization that produces and markets synthetic turf systems and is part of TenCate. The theme of the visit to Hartlebury was controlled quality in the chain through the integration of upstream and downstream activities.

2 tigerturf Louise Bush web_w195Louise Bush (R&D project manager)

The programme for the day included the introduction of the TenCate XQ™ technology, the product portfolio, innovation and R&D.

TenCate XQ™ technology gives synthetic turf fibres the required strength to resist the considerable materiel stress to which synthetic turf fibres are exposed. TenCate XQ™ technology makes it possible to construct pitches that continue to satisfy FIFA 2-Star requirements for a long time. This technology is only available from TenCate.

Four guests were presented with a Premier Partnership Certificate to mark their excellent performance in product placement and installation of synthetic turf pitches. They are flanked by Nick Rickerby (left), Paul Langford (centre) and Nick Springate (right)


Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)