Spring 2012

TenCate composites and aerospace

TenCate Aerospace Composites can look back on a good 2011 and the prospects for 2012 are promising too: the trend towards lightweight composite materials in the space and aerospace industry continues unabated. 

Through investing in product development and concluding cooperative alliances for open innovation, TenCate is strengthening its position and thereby supporting the growth of the composites industry.

The production plant in Nijverdal is the leading thermoplastics factory worldwide

The trend in structural demand for lightweight composite materials from TenCate in the civil aviation industry also remains positive. This is partly due to the qualifications at the company’s disposal. Although TenCate Aerospace Composites does not have a vast number of patents, it is certified for many aircraft programmes and has many ‘culinary secrets’. It is expected that TenCate will continue to profit from the long-term contracts with major international aircraft manufacturers in 2012 too. Furthermore expectations remain positive regarding the military aviation market and satellite programmes.

Commercial aviation embraces the large commercial segment (Airbus, Boeing), regional jets (Bombardier, Embraer) and business jets, and general aviation (Cirrus, Dassault, Falcon, Gulfstream)

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)