Spring 2012

TenCate Field Monitoring System

TenCate Grass introduces the TenCate Field Monitoring System, an intelligent camera system for synthetic turf sports pitches. The TenCate Field Monitoring System registers the number of playing hours and the maintenance that has been carried out on the pitch. 

The data provide a reliable insight into the use of the pitch and whether it is being maintained in accordance with the regulations.

The system was developed in collaboration with the Hillson Group, a company that specializes in intelligent cameras for monitoring and security systems.

The data that the TenCate Field Monitoring System generates now also make it possible for the ‘insured’ TenCate Performance Warranty (in accordance with for example the FIFA 1- or 2-Star standard) to satisfy the registration of use and maintenance requirements laid down by the insurer.

The TenCate Field Monitoring System has now been installed at FC Breukelen and Flevo Boys football club (NL). Both pitches are FIFA 2-Star certified.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)