Spring 2012

Steel giant in multisafe work clothing

Several thousand employees working at the German steel company ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe are now wearing protective work clothing based on TenCate Tecapro® fabrics.

Safety in relation to the specific working conditions and the workplace is of prime importance at  ThyssenKrupp. With 180,000 employees and a turnover of € 50 billion the raw materials and technology company is one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Germany. The business area ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe, which principally manufactures high-quality raw materials in Duisburg for companies such as car manufacturers like Toyota, BMW and Daimler seeks suppliers who also consider top quality to be paramount.

According to safety expert Christine Durek, TenCate Tecapro® offers the right solution for the employees, who face several risks and are set to work on several workplacess. ‘Using TenCate Tecapro® fabric we offer employees multifunctional work clothing that provides protection against for example welding splashes, sparks and chemicals. The work clothing is also antistatic.’

This work clothing is not only suitable for many different departments and workplaces  workplaces, adds Uwe Winkler (coordinator Team Konventionelle Erzeugung). ‘The wearing comfort of our clothing too has greatly improved thanks to TenCate Tecapro® fabric. It shrinks less in the wash, so that even after a longer garment life it still fits perfectly. The work clothing is less likely to develop holes or become torn, which has improved it service life compared with the previous material.’

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)