Spring 2012

Innovation and the role of education

There is an important role to be played in innovation by employers (business community), government, education and research. Occupation-oriented universities of applied sciences must offer educational programmes that meet the needs of the business community, and participate in the networks of institutes and companies such as TenCate.

Saxion University of Applied Sciences is effectively carving the way in this respect, and TenCate and Saxion can gain from each other. Saxion is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands.

Wim Boomkamp, chairman of the Executive Board of Saxion

Saxion endorses initiatives in open innovation such as the Open Innovation Center Advanced Materials (OICAM) and the presentation of Twente as Materials Valley. TenCate has been involved as a partner in OICAM from the very beginning. 

Wim Boomkamp: ‘The contacts must be such that with the input from TenCate we can devise an educational programme. We call this co-creation: that is, building jointly with companies such as TenCate an educational programme and an occupation, and coupling this with research. We want to elevate High Tech Systems & Materials into a spearhead.’

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