Spring 2012

Composites, a material on the rise

The Dutch aviation industry enjoys a good reputation abroad. Two of the players in this industry are TenCate and the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR). This knowledge organization is only too willing to make its expertise and facilities available to ‘the composite-loving Netherlands. Composite is a material on the rise'.

Michel Peters, general director NLR

Composite materials are being used in aircraft building to a growing extent and now account for approximately half the materials used in new generations of aircraft. TenCate Cetex® has already acquired a strong position in this branch.

When it comes to space and aerospace in the Netherlands, NLR is the central knowledge organization. NLR carries out applied research for the sector, working on the strategic accumulation of knowledge and developing with the business community concepts for use in making innovative, competitive products. NLR has such facilities as wind tunnels (for testing aircraft), simulators (for studying the safety of new flight procedures) and laboratory aircraft. The aim is to make flying safer, more sustainable and more efficient.

Process control at TenCate Advanced Composites

The sound reputation of the Dutch companies and knowledge institutes in the area of innovative processes and light clean materials and systems is evident from their role within the Clean Sky programme of the European Union. The aim is to make air traffic more environmentally friendly, for example by reducing CO2 emissions and noise pollution by 50%

'Sustainability is in the DNA of our designers and operators.’

‘The aviation sector in the Netherlands is constantly concerned with sustainability,’ explains Michel Peters. ‘And this certainly applies to the operators too. KLM has been ranked first in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the sixth successive time. This offers an economic advantage and confers a higher market value. Sustainability is in the DNA of our designers and operators.’

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)