Autumn 2012

Increasing attention for CSR

Aware of the influence of its activities on society, TenCate has further increased its attention to corporate social responsibility over the last few years. 
Since 2011 the directorates of the operating companies have been supported by the corporation’s CSR team in all initiatives and activities. Furthermore, in 2012 the divisions in the Netherlands are implementing the CSR Performance Ladder. This year too they will be defining as far as possible the CO2 footprint of company processes and products. 
Increasing attention for CSR

TenCate is working further on technologies for processing raw materials. This makes it easier to manufacture recyclable products with cleaner and more efficient production techniques.
The attention paid by TenCate to CSR is increasing still further. There are a number of reasons for this, starting with the growing CSR awareness of the organization itself. As market leader, TenCate is in the forefront of the endeavour of the (technical) textile industry to satisfy the needs of consumers and users in a flexible and sustainable way. Increasingly customers are asking for sustainable products. They want to be able to see what the CSR efforts of a company are. Cost savings (such as reduced energy consumption), potential scarcity of raw materials, and benefits  of image and reputation also play a role. 
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)